Greyhound Adoption Tales – Velvet



I am pleased to say we have got our 3rd adoption tale finished. A successfully adopted Velvet is the star of this post.

Velvet is a little miss and she loves her new life with her new humans! Why wouldn’t she. She gets good food, long walks, nice toys, plenty of treats and love and affection everyday.

She has a life I wish for all rescue dogs. A wonderful life. A life where she is part of her pack. A life where she gets reassured everything is ok when she is scared. A life of adventure. 

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Mini Sessions – Sutherland Shire Pet Photographer


I am super excited to now offer a new mini session option!
With a mini you get to sample the pet photography experience and also receive some beautiful photos.

A portrait styled session designed for those looking for a few great photos of their dog but aren’t ready for a full session yet.

You’ll still have 10 of the same fun and vibrant images to order from with a smaller investment.

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Greyhound Adoption Tales – Sarah



I am pleased to say our 2nd adoption tale is here!

A successfully adopted greyhound Sarah is our little star in this post.
Sarah’s owner Sue had a fantastic idea and got her grand children included in the photoshoot. Little Harper was a bit shy that day, but her brother Thomas showed us enough love for both of them.

Adoption tales are a great way to see how beautiful these dogs are, how much they are loved by their owners and how their lives changed forever.
I am hoping these tales will make you smile and melt your heart, maybe even inspire you and next time you think about adopting a dog, you might consider adopting a greyhound.

This is the tale of Sarah, as told by their owner Sue.

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Baxter – Sydney Pet Photographer


Hi guys, so I had the pleasure meeting Baxter who just turned 6 months! This absolutely adorable cheeky boy lives in Sydney and his favourite thing to do in the whole wide world is chase & chew on his squeak-able tennis ball.

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Greyhound Adoption Tales – Bluey & Skye


Hi everyone,

As a animal lover and a dog photographer I was horrified, when I first saw the news on the greyhound racing industry’s dirty secrets.

If you like to read more why NSW banned greyhound racing click this link.

Naturally I wanted to help, so I got in contact with a local group of greyhound owners called Hobbit Hounds and asked them if they would like to share their dogs journey with me.

Whilst I want for all rescue dogs to find a loving home, the possibility of an influx of greyhounds into shelters makes them a case for special attention.

Adoption tales are a great way to see how beautiful these dogs are, how much they are loved by their owners and how their lives changed forever.
I am hoping these tales will make you smile and melt your heart, maybe even inspire you and maybe next time you think about adopting a dog, you will think of a greyhound as one of the possibilities.

This is the tale of Bluey & Skye, as told by their owner Heather.

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Adopt Me – Dog Photographer Sydney


Hi everyone,

I have been busy actively photographing adoptable dogs for my favourite rescue organisation. The more I have got to know Anna and the great work she does at Arctic Breed Rescue (ABR), it has become clear to me how much love, care and attention she gives these dogs in need when it comes to preparing them for and finding them their new homes.

It means so much to me to be involved in this process and to create the photos that may catch a families attention and let them see a dogs unique character enough that they want to find out more about adopting.

The following photographs and profiles are of some adoptable dogs who are currently in the care of ABR and patiently awaiting their forever homes.

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From good shot, to great shot – After session editing


Hi guys, today I would like to talk about editing images. I know everyone who had a photoshoot with me heard me say something along the lines of “your images will be ready for viewing in about a week”. Right? Well today, I would like to give you a little insight of what will happen in that time and why post production is so important.

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Macey, Bruno & Alfie – Sydney Pet Photography


Hi guys, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Macey, Bruno & Alfie. These 2 adorable puppy Chihuahuas and a Boston Terrier Macey are Sydney siders from the south-west. When I met them, they were very happy to say hello to this new person (me) joining their pack for a couple of hours.

We started the session with some running and exploring the park. After about 30 minutes they started to be little more tired from all the fun. Macey (the boston terrier) was quite the runner and after she wondered off a bit further than we would liked her to it was time to put them all on a lead and head around the corner for some portrait styled shots.

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Arctic Breed Rescue – Lupa & Kyra


Hi everyone!

I am very excited to let you know I am now donating my time & photography to the Arctic Breed Rescue. ABR is dedicated to the successful rescue, rehabilitation and forever rehoming of arctic breeds, and their crosses.  Their base of operations is in Sydney, NSW however they do rehome to all states within Australia.

When ABR approached me, I was very happy to help out to with their photography needs, I am a strong believer a good photo can go a long way. Some rescues underestimate the importance of good photography, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see ABR’s great profiles and photos of their dogs.

Here are some photos from my first 2 shoots for ABR.

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Pet Photography – FAQ’s

product-feautre image

Where are you located and where will my photo session take place? 

I am a Sutherland Shire based on-location pet photographer. The photo session itself will take place at a park, beach, forest or urban area.  If I am familiar with your area, I will recommend a location that will work well with your dog’s temperament as well as the style you are looking for. I can also come to you, if you have a special place you take your dog for a walk that is meaningful to you in some way.

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