30 Day Photography Project With Archer


Hi everyone, I just want to share with you a personal project I have done mainly to start up a new Instagram account for my pet photography.
I also had a hard time getting back into  “work mode” and growing my business so this project was supposed to keep me on my toes after a long break in December.

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Nala – South Coast Pet Photography


Hi guys, this is Nala, a 1 year old Staffy cross who lives on the Illawarra Coast. Nala has been adopted by Ellie & Alex from an RSPCA shelter.
I met Nala and Ellie at Coledale beach about 1.5hour before sunset on a Monday evening, were we started our photoshoot and explored  the area.

Nala is a very happy pup, full of energy and a sense of adventure. When I first met her I suspected this is going to be a high speed, high energy fun photoshoot. And it was all that. Nala was running up and down the beach and in and out of the sea, chasing her toy and getting down and sandy!

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Offering Stunning Wall Art For My Pet Photography Clients


Hi guys, here is another beautiful and unique product I am offering to all my pet photography clients. This is a premium product, your photo (matte or gloss) is mounted onto a very modern, extremely lightweight borderless, frameless foam core board. Foam core boards can come in 5mm, 10mm or 20mm with white or black edge relief.

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10 Tips For Better Pet Photography


Hi guys,

Photographing our furry friends and getting some awesome photos can be challenging! Even with a good dog, there are other elements to consider and take into account. To dodge some mistakes and to take better photos of our furry companions I have put together a list of simple, but helpful tips to follow.

This post is angled more towards photographing your own dog. There is no technical aspect to these tips, just some observations I made over the time of photographing dogs. These are simple and quick tips you can apply straight away.

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Sydney Pet Photography – How it Works


Hi guys, Sonia here welcome to my blog.

I am a Sutherland Shire based photographer and I specialise in creating beautiful, outdoor natural light images that perfectly capture your dog’s personality.

Take a moment to browse my portfolio and take your time exploring the site.

Do you like my style?

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If you said Yes, find out what my pet photography sessions are all about :)

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My Puppy – Archer


Hi all,

My partner and I recently  adopted a rescue puppy from the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home shelter. His name is Archer and he is between 4-6 months old American Staffy cross Boxer.

I’ve always been very passionate about animals, loved dogs and have been around dogs my whole life, but never owned one. So, finally 2 weeks ago after months of talking about it, me and my partner Steve decided to rescue a dog from a shelter. We were not necessarily looking for a puppy, but when we saw Archer (formally Geoffrey) in his cage, he stole our hearts. Never in a million years I would think my first ever dog will be a boxer cross, but here we are and I love him.

The first week of bringing him home with us, I must say I was totally overwhelmed, but he is learning quickly and we are now putting some powerful rules in place as well. He is still very cheeky and he loves to get us out of the bed by stealing our socks and shoes to get attention ?

When he plays and runs he reminds me of Bambi (the young deer from the Disney movie) because of his clumsiness and curiosity, discovering new things to eat and play with every day. The funniest thing is when he gets a new toy he never seen before, he starts hoping on his front legs like Bambi and if me or Steve aren’t in the room he runs to one of us to show us what he just got!

Well today was his first day at the beach, which was absolutely hilarious to watch. I don’t think I got the funniest shots of him as I was too busy laughing at his first experience with sand, but here are few photos anyway…..introducing Archer the Bambi dog.

If you have any questions or want to leave me a comment, just scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Cheers, Sonia

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Bernese Mountain Dog – Sydney Pet Photography


Hi guys, meet Ziggy a 2.5 years old Bernese Mountain Dog from the Northern beaches. I met Ziggy and her owners Grace & Declan at our city style photoshoot at Kirribilli over the weekend, which I personally was looking forward to very much. I was hoping to do a pet photography session over there for what feels like forever!

We almost had to re-schedule as the weather was not playing nice most of the morning. Well, finally the rain stopped and here we were across the water from Sydney’s two biggest icons.

As I was waiting for our doggy model I was looking for some spots to take a few photos, I saw a bride and groom having their photos taken in the same spot I was thinking of. I must say I giggled to myself and though if it’s good enough for a wedding it’s good enough for me :)

Photographing Ziggy was a lot of fun, I remember  having to make some really silly noises to get his attention even just for a second or two. I specially loved the way he was galloping across the grass to play fetch with his toy.

Please scroll down to view highlight images from our photoshoot with Ziggy.
If you have any questions or want to leave me a comment, just scroll down to the bottom of the page.
If you like to find out more about my outdoor pet photography sessions please click here.

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Biscuit the fluffy puppy – Glebe Park Pet Photography


Hello to all pooch lovers around the world! Meet Biscuit, a cheeky, fluffy Cavoodle puppy from the lower North Shore in Sydney. I met Biscuit and her owner Linda on our recent photoshoot at Glebe park, during the weekend. It was challenging photoshoot with so many dogs and people pretty much everywhere. However we managed to find a quieter area where we could play with Biscuit and let her run freely (with the occasional running off to say hello to others of course :).
Biscuit enjoyed herself to the fullest, she loved playing and meeting other pooches and people.

From Linda: Biscuit is a very cheeky cavoodle and absolutely loves meeting people and other dogs. Her favourite past time is rifling through the laundry basket for socks – dirty or clean, she is not fussy.

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Offering stunning gallery wrap canvas for my pet photography clients


Hi all, I am now proud to offer beautiful ready to hang canvases with a gallery wrap. Canvas is one of the best and I think my favourite way to show off your pooch.
These are printed on 100% cotton canvas with top archival quality ultra chrome K3 inks and liquid laminated for protection and durability.

Canvases start at $320 for 24x18inch. The canvas in the photos below is 30×20 inches and it looks and feels fantastic. The colours are spot on as well.
Thank you to doggy model Aurora for being such a good girl at our urban Newtown photoshoot.

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Offering my *NEW* beautifully finished photo albums to my pet photography clients


Hi guys, I am so excited to to be able to offer 2 beautiful finished coffee table albums for my pet photography clients. These are not your average books, I wanted a sleek, minimal design with exceptional page and print quality to make the photographs really stand out from the crowd. These books are the perfect keepsake and will shine on your coffee table in your home.

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