Offering my *NEW* beautifully finished photo albums to my pet photography clients

Photo Albums-1 copy

Hi guys, I am so excited to to be able to offer 2 beautiful finished coffee table albums for my pet photography clients. These are not your average books, I wanted a sleek, minimal design with exceptional page and print quality to make the photographs really stand out from the crowd. These books are the perfect keepsake and will shine on your coffee table in your home.

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The Cheeky Samoyed – Urban Pet Photography


Hi guys, this is Aurora a 3 year old cheeky Samoyed from Inner West Sydney. Aurora found her new family recently this year with Jasna and Stacey after their previous Samoyed sadly passed away. Aurora has a beautiful, gentle soul, she likes long walks and like most of us, doesn’t mind a treat! She was happy to walk and explore some new streets with us and did not mind to pose for a shot or two. When I was reviewing the images from the session I discovered that she was treating us with a lot of cheeky, happy looks through out during the photo shoot. These are so easy to miss sometimes without the camera to capture them.

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Puppy Fun With Kovu – Forest Pet Photography


Hello everyone, meet Kovu an adorable 4 month old, Husky cross Collie puppy! I met Kovu and his lovely owner Kristen recently for a photoshoot near Coalcliff on the South Coast. Our original plan was to head down to the beach for some nice running shots as well, but this little furry bundle of joy ran out of energy after chasing his horsie friends in the paddock earlier that afternoon, hehe:).  We finished our photoshoot on a meadow bank in a grassy patch up on a hill where Kovu played around in a long grass and was loving it! I was so happy to meet Kovu’s amazing little brave heart, his beautiful face and soulful eyes. Thank you Kristen and Kovu!

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Kadie – The Shooting Star

Border Collie - Kadie-11

Hey All,
This is Kadie, A 4 year old Border Collie from the Shire. Photographing Kadie was so much of fun! 😀 This little furry ball full of character and energy loved chasing her squeaky toys and playing with her lovely owner Shanelle. Even with all the smells, noises, people and surroundings, Kadie’s beautiful keen and intelligent personality came through and made for some great photos.

Please let me know which one is you favourite photo in the comments. I love the one in the field of clover – that one is just too cute! :)

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Mr Wonderful – Sam


Hi guys,

This is Sam, a beautiful German Shepherd from Sutherland Shire. I had the pleasure of meeting Sam and his lovely owner Rebecca recently in Kurnell.

I really enjoyed photographing Sam I recognised the confidence and loyalty in some of his beautiful poses and body language. And I really enjoyed capturing his curious, happy personality. He loved chasing his favourite toys in the park and on the beach. Later we made ourselves comfortable and one of us had a nice long roll and scratch in the grass…erm :)

Please let me know which one is your favourite photo in the comments at the bottom, I would love to know :)

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White Dogs Can Jump – Harley The Staffy Cross


Hi guys,

This is Harley, a staffy cross originally from Canberra, but currently based in the Sutherland Shire in South Sydney.
So far I have had a great experience photographing staffies, they are playful and keen to chase a ball or a stick. Their body is athletic, muscular and they strike some beautiful strong poses. You must be wondering why the funny headline? Harley is a jumper, but even Ben the owner did not know he would jump over a meter tall fence without any fear or hesitation. That came as a bit of a surprise! If you scroll down the page, you will see Harley in full action! 

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies – Ella & Lily


Ella and Lily are two 4 month old sisters from the Canterbury area of Sydney. They are very mischievous, playful, affectionate and incredibly cute. This portfolio session was a lot of chaos ( inside my camera anyways) with ears, legs and tails flying everywhere! In the end I think we managed to capture a good variety of these two fur balls of fun.
Thanks Katie for your assistance I know you had your hands full, literally! :) 

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“Mad” Max the Staffy Cross


Hey guys,

say “Hello” or “Woof” to Max,  a staffy cross from North-West Sydney. Max can look tough if you don’t know him, even looking at this first photo in my series, he’s looking scary! But, don’t be fooled, Max is only looking like this because he is concentrating so hard on his ball, waiting for you to chuck it so he can run after it like a lightning bolt! That’s why I gave him the nick name “Mad” Max :) He is the biggest goofball and he was a lot of fun to photograph! :)

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Hershey The Siberian Husky


Hi all,

This is Hershey, a 15 year old Husky girl from South-Western Sydney. She is deaf and a very old girl, her owner Ian said she is carefree dog (I.e she doesn’t listen to what you say:)
Hershey really couldn’t hear what you were saying so treats were her main motivator for where to look or stand.
I think we have got some great expressions and her character came through the lens nicely. I am very happy I got the opportunity to photograph her and her beautiful personality.

This fun early morning shoot was a portfolio-building session in preparation for launching my pet photography business.

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Offering Beautiful Acrylic Block Products For My Pet Photography


I thought I’d just quickly post some images of my brand new product I am offering to my pet photography clients.

This product is a  free-standing 30mm clear acrylic block. It comes in smaller sizes, designed to look beautiful up on your coffee table, mantelpiece, dresser or a desk. Looks incredibly stylish, it’s also very robust, durable and adds an depth and sparkle to the image. It’s 30mm thickness gives it the ability to stand freely by itself, keeping the design clean and smart. I have got different sizes available starting from $115 for 6×6 inches.

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