I am so excited to introduce Pippa to you all! Pippa is just a happy bundle of love & energy. Walks, dog parks, playdates, destroying toys & long naps are her favourite things to do, just to name a few 🙂

She is a 10 month old puppy, you know just your regular 40kg pup 🙂 Pippa is a loving gal, loves being close to her people, so close she will climb & lay down on top of you 🙂 Making sure you won’t leave her behind under any circumstances.

During our session, we went through a whole bag of treats, as we should! After all, it takes so much energy and focus to look that beautiful. We got the perfect weather on the day, we wouldn’t know it’s winter.

At just 10 months, Pippa is a clever girl, knowing how to sit, lay down and shake. We even got a beautiful Ridgy head-tilt from her. Everything looks and sounds just so weird, right? Cheeky is her middle name, as demonstrated when we kept putting a piece of chicken on her paw, then telling her to leave it, but it kept disappearing before I could take the shot 😀 I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t wait either if I had a piece of chocolate dangling in front of me.

My personal favourite thing  was her nose nudge. Whenever she wanted something (treats in this instance) she would nudge my arm or hand, which was just so bloody adorable. I could not say no to that face, could you?

Please scroll down to see some highlights from Pippa’s session.


Pippa and I had a lovely afternoon with Sonia. Sonia found an amazing spot to take Pippas photos taking into consideration that she is only 10months and easily distracted! The photos turned out incredible. Would highly recommend if anyone is looking for a great photos of their pet to cherish forever!


& Pippa