Hello everyone,

I am pleased to introduce Miss Sakari an 8 year old Husky cross Shepherd from the Blue Mountains Region.

Sakari together with her pawrents Lisa & Gordon came all the way down to Sydney to have some beautiful photos taken during this special season, where Sydney momentarily turns into a purple wonderland with it’s purple petals.

We acted quickly and scheduled a session for the start of November. Unfortunately we had to re-schedule our session due to bad weather and crossed all our fingers and toes for what the following weekend would present us with. Luck was on our side and we went ahead with our photoshoot the week after. We met at our location with an excitement in our eyes, including Sakaris! 🙂

Despite the fact it was dinner o’clock on Sunday, we had to work all angles to avoid people and Sakari being a shy girl, did an amazingly well in a park with a few more people than she is usually used to.

I would like to give you a bit of a background on this gorgeous mysterious girl that was so broken and called “un-adoptable” by others.
Sakari came into Lisa & Gordon’s care as a rescue dog, she was terrified of people and severely malnourished.

From Lisa: “The day I picked her up, she was a mess.  She weighed only just over 16kg and you could see all her ribs, all the vertebrae in her spine.  But once she realised I wasn’t going to hurt her, she came to me willingly and allowed me to touch her even though she was clearly scared.  That night she climbed into my arms, kissed my face and told me she was home.”

Even as I was reading Lisa’s words again, tears creeped into my eyes. I know everyone who books a photoshoot for their dog, the dog means the world to them.  Our pets have so much power to change our lives and we have so much power to change theirs.

I am going to finish this post on a positive & happy note and I am so happy I can do that. Because that’s what its all about. To bring them back to happiness, to show them love and kindness, to help them be a dog once again.

Now Sakari is very much a happy, heatlhy and beautiful dog who loves hanging out with her whole family. She is their constant companion.

So without further ado, scroll down the post to see a few highlights from our photoshoot together.

Just a very happy girl.

Taking a moment Sakari? This modelling is a hard work 🙂

But there are lots and lots of NOMS 🙂

Love is Love
I also received this beautiful testimonial! Thank you so much Lisa & Gordon I had a blast 🙂

“Our experience with Sonia has been amazing. Sakari responded well to Sonia’s gentle manner and abundance of patience, and the photographs which resulted are absolutely beautiful. Sonia has truly captured the essence of a once beaten and terrified girl who is now content, healthy and full of love. Sakari truly shines in every image. I couldn’t have wished for more.”