About Me

Hi, Sonia here. Just to let you know a few things about me. I was born in Slovak Republic and lived there until I was 19 years old. I moved to the UK for five years until I was 24, before finaly living the dream and together with my partner relocating to Australia in 2009.

I found my interest in photography shortly after arriving in Australia. When I first got here I traveled around the country for 6 weeks before settling down in Sydney.

I  loved the scenery and nature, but none of the photos I took on my travels did any justice to the sheer beauty of the the things I saw.

Sonia MLandscape Photography

I have been passionate and obsessed with  landscape photography for over 6 years now. I have traveled this beautiful country’s coastlines in the search of the most stunning scenes. The more I photographed the more it inspired me to travel and explore and the more I explored the more I wanted to photograph.

You can purchase my landscape images as fine art prints or for commercial purposes. please visit my Buy Prints page for more details.




Pet Photography

sonia-m-photoMy love for pet photography started about 3 years ago in 2013, but only when I turned 30, after a lot of soul-searching, planning and building a looong list of items and skills I would need as a addition to my existing ones, I gradually ticked all the boxes on my list and officially started my pet photography business full time in August of 2015.

As a landscape photographer I developed my love for creating images with natural light. This style is what helps me create everlasting lifestyle pet images, using natural light and enhancing it with stunning surroundings and personality.
I would love to be your photographer and I am very passionate to provide you with keepsakes of your furry family member that would last a lifetime.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via my contact page for more information about my pet sessions.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂