This location was on my list to photograph for months and finally I did it! Of course I have done my homework and scouted this place a few days earlier, as in the morning the time is very limited due to the light and the actual sun rise and its also very hard to see a good spot for composition in darkness even with a torch.

I pretty much knew I wanted to be up high on top of the headland looking towards the island with the cliffs and some kind of flowery bush in my foreground. I am pretty happy with this shot below, the only thing could be better is the bush in front of me, I wish it would be more colourful.

The other photo, on the top of my page is very different its mainly because the light had changed dramatically after the sun rose and disappeared up in the clouds and also due to using of a different filter.

Minnamurra in the local Aboriginal language means “Plenty of Fish”. It’s located in the Illawarra region 200km south of Sydney, Australia.

This photo was taken from Minnamurra headland, in the distance is the picturesque Stack island or as the locals call it the Rangoon island, named after a ship wrecked on the island in the year of 1870.



Camera settings: Canon 7D | canon 10-22mm EF-S lens|
ISO 100 | 10mm | F11 | 90sec
Hoya ND 16 | Coking 0.9 grad