After a small break from my landscape photography, yesterday I suddenly  started to show some severe signs and withdrawal symptoms. Little Austinmer was on my list of places to visit and photograph for a while now. So I checked the weather conditions for the next day and when I saw 60% chance of rain I though to myself this looks promising! Great stormy clouds with some breaks between them can create some awesome colours in the sky.

The tide was at its lowest prior to the sunrise which was fine at least I didn’t have to worry about getting stranded or being in any danger as it can get pretty rough with the tide coming in quickly, a friend and fellow photographer  Jeff Smith told me.
This was my first time exploring the Little Austinmer rockshelf and I will be definitely coming back soon….if not tomorrow! ,-)

I hope you will enjoy these photos, it really was a spectacular sunrise

Little Austinmer Sunrise

Small Channel | Pre-sunrise | Low Tide

Little Austinmer Sunrise

Corroded Pole | Peak of Sunrise | Low Tide

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