Yesterday I went to Donnelly park, which is really only round the corner from me, given the size of Sydney and its distances.

Donnelly Park is a landmark of a small picturesque Connells Point suburb on the Georges river in south-east Sydney.
Its a really lovely location to photograph, I am not sure if there were any other potential compositional spots around as I only had eyes for the jetty. This sunset was one of the nicest ones I have photographed so far.

Donnelly Park SunsetThe last rays of sunlight, just before vanishing behind the hills for the day.
Camera settings: Canon EOS 7D
ISO100 | 10mm | F22 | 0.3sec
EF-S 10-22mm
Cokin 0.9 grad filter

Donnelly Park SunsetThe peak of sunset
Camera settings: Canon EOS 7D
ISO100 | 14mm | F11 | 6sec
EF-S 10-22mm
Marumi circular polarizer
Coking 0.9 grad filter