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My favourite lens for landscapes

Since I received my Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens as a gift from my partner around 3 years ago, it’s become my most used lens. I was already shooting landscapes with my old kit lens but with this new addition to my kit-bag things really started to take off.

For me it is always important to have options available when I’m shooting a landscape. This sometimes means being able to go really wide angle when necessary to truly capture the vast expanse of an environment.

Of course there is a lot more that goes into crafting a photograph than just cranking the lens out to it’s widest setting, and it’s not always even necessary to use my 10-22mm lens at it’s widest setting, but having the choice to be able to do so when needed is very important.

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Monsters Unleashed

Hey guys

Set of shots i have photographed this hot afternoon. I am really pleased how they came out and I must pat myself on the back for this first shot as I have never done anything this good using a off camera flash.

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May Lane Street Art

Recently i have heard about this art project called “May Lane” an outdoor galerry space located in St Peters, Sydneys innerwest. The project is an initiative set in place by Tugi Balog, who runs his business behind the gallery wall.

The exhibition space consists of five panels that are hung in window spaces along the side of a building in May Lane. Each month several artists are invited to use the entire space as their canvas, or to focus on the panels which are then kept each month as part of a larger documentation project.

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The Entrance – Pelican Feeding

Hello guys

A few weeks ago I have heard about this pelican feeding at a town called The Entrance on the Central Coast 105 kilometers (1h 40min) north of sydney CBD or 130km (2h 10min) if you live on the south coast. The Entrance is building its name as the “Pelican capital of Australia”. The feeding time is everyday at 3.30pm and the pelicans are always there.

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