Sonia Masarova

Mini Session – Pet Photographer Sydney

I am super excited to add a new location to my mini session.
With a mini you get to sample the pet photography experience and also receive some beautiful photos of your fur child!

A mini is a portrait styled session designed for those looking for a few great photos of their dog.
You’ll still receive a selection of fun and vibrant images to keep and cherish as with a full session, only fewer of them.

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Hero Shot Session – Sydney Pet Photographer

hello everyone,

I am happy to introduce my new session option the “Hero Shot”! I will be booking only 1 of these per month with the possibility of re-schduling of course.

What is the “hero shot” session?

Your Hero Shot session is a sunrise adventure, where we make the most of the best morning light with the aim of creating one amazing hero shot of your dog!

This will mean driving in the dark to our location, looking for the perfect spot and working against the clock! Typically we will have 30-45min to get your hero shot as the sun is rising. The idea is to have a wide angle shot of your dog, in a few different positions and distances. This will be our number one priorty. After we get our hero shot we can continue with the session creating variety of images of your fur child and yourself, in the remaining time.

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Apple & Olive – Sydney Pet Photography


It is my pleasure to introduce 2 adorable dachshunds Apple & Olive from South-West Sydney.

Five month old Apple and her older sister Olive are typical puppies. They are loving life with their human parent Sam and madly adoring each others company.

Our session began with a bit of run and play, Apple had so much fun fetching a toy and trying to keep up with Olive on the beach, it was really lovely to watch and capture them doing their thing.

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Kadie – Sutherland Shire Pet Photography

Hello everyone,

I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Kadie and her pawrent Shanelle for their 2nd photo session with me. We first met almost 2.5 years ago when I was starting my pet photography business. I considered myself lucky as Shanelle applied for one of just five portfolio sessions back in 2015. In fact, you can see her photos from our first meet here.

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Sakari – Adventure with purple trees

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to introduce Miss Sakari an 8 year old Husky cross Shepherd from the Blue Mountains Region.

Sakari together with her pawrents Lisa & Gordon came all the way down to Sydney to have some beautiful photos taken during this special season, where Sydney momentarily turns into a purple wonderland with it’s purple petals.

We acted quickly and scheduled a session for the start of November. Unfortunately we had to re-schedule our session due to bad weather and crossed all our fingers and toes for what the following weekend would present us with. Luck was on our side and we went ahead with our photoshoot the week after. We met at our location with an excitement in our eyes, including Sakaris! 🙂

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Location, Location, Location

Hi guys,

Recently I went to the city to check out a potential new shoot location and it inspired me to do a quick post on this subject.

Being an outdoor photographer and choosing the right location for a photoshoot can be quite challenging. I had to do a lot of research to be able to recommend a place when I was first starting out. Each location had to be visited and re-visted. The more I knew about a place to more confident I was.

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Lisa – Sutherland Shire Pet Photographer

Hi everyone,

It’s my pleasure to introduce our newest pup Lisa.
Lisa is a cheeky 2 year old husky and together with her human best friend Christina living the good life in the suburbs of South-West Sydney.

When we met at our location, Lisa seemed rather sandy & wet. This is the second recent cheeky goofball that “doesn’t like water” who jumped into the water right before our session, hehe. Luckily it was a windy day and it took her only 5 minutes to naturally blow-dry! 🙂  (Sound familiar, Baxter?)

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Adopt Me – Pet Rescue Photographer Sydney


I have some new beautiful faces to show you! So many cheeky ones here! And all of these fur kids are waiting to meet their special hooman at the shelter! Check out their doggy swagger!!  Starting with Sir Benji the Great Dane! 🙂

Dogs available for adoption through the Liverpool Animal Shelter – please visit their Facebook page or website directly to find out more about these dogs.
(photos taken 14th of October 2017)

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Freja & Kiba – Mini Session Sutherland Shire

Hello guys,

So I had the pleasure photographing these gorgeous beasts. Say hello to Kiba and his older sister Freja! They are living it up with their pawrents Kylie & Phil in the Bankstown area and they loooove their walks and doggy park trips. Kiba the younger sibling at just 1 year of age is cheeky, always using his puppy dog eyes to get an extra treat or two when mum is baking.

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Doogie – Sutherland Shire Pet Photography

Hello guys,

Meet Doogie, a 6 years old bachelor, Maltese Terrier cross living it up in the Shire.

Doogie is my friend Rebecca’s mums dog. She had her Birthday recently so Rebecca thought this would be an excellent gift for her. We included her grand children as they absolutely loooove & adore Doogie.

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