My favourite lens for landscapes

Since I received my Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens as a gift from my partner around 3 years ago, it’s become my most used lens. I was already shooting landscapes with my old kit lens but with this new addition to my kit-bag things really started to take off.

For me it is always important to have options available when I’m shooting a landscape. This sometimes means being able to go really wide angle when necessary to truly capture the vast expanse of an environment.

Of course there is a lot more that goes into crafting a photograph than just cranking the lens out to it’s widest setting, and it’s not always even necessary to use my 10-22mm lens at it’s widest setting, but having the choice to be able to do so when needed is very important.

Without it, this shot I took at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania for example just wouldn’t have had quite the same wide-open feeling to it.


To my knowledge it’s Canon’s widest lens option for my particular camera, but like I said, it doesn’t always have to “live” at 10mm to get a great shot.

The shot below captures the scene at my local beach one morning when a small ship became grounded in shallow water. This scene didn’t quite work as an ultra-wide-angle so having that little bit of zoom available worked out really well in helping me frame it.




If you want to take a closer look at this lens that I use you can check it out on Canon’s website here.

But before you go, take a look at this video with Guy Sebastian using a whole bunch of lenses to tell his story…



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