Three Sisters | Blue Mountains National Park

I have visited the Blue Mountains on several occasions yet it was never the right time to stay and shoot the Blue Mountain’s famous 3 Sisters. This beautiful and interesting rock formation made out of fine sandstone were formed by erosion over time by wind, rain and rivers and eventually, but sadly they will erode completely.

The Three Sisters are dominating the landscape above Jamison Valley and they can be viewed clearly from an Echo Point lookout which offers an astonishing panoramic views of Blue Mountains National Park.

Blue Mountains National Park is a mountainous region in New South Wales, Australia and it’s spreading over 11.400 square kilometres and is listed as a World Heritage Area by UNESCO on 29 November 2000, becoming the fourth area in New South Wales to be listed.

So, after waking up at silly o’clock (3am) I hit the road and drove 1hour 45minutes to this location ready to catch the first glimpse of sunlight hitting the peaks of this beautiful landscape. I must have gone about half way when the first rain drops landed on the windscreen of my car, oh dear. The rest of the way the rain was stopping and starting whenever it felt like. After my arrival the rain was holding off but the mountains were covered in a thick layer of fog and clouds and I knew there was no chance of seeing the sun.

Determined not to leave without my shot I set up my camera and composed the scene. When I saw my  first image my thoughts yelled hallelujah, good news this will convert nicely into a black and white landscape. The fog added a little bit of a mystery too, which I liked.  Even though I am pretty happy with my shot, I would love to revisit so I can have a colour version of this amazing location.


Afterwards I went for a wander and decided to do the 4km loop walk called Waterfall Circuit, which includes the Federal Falls, Adeline Falls, Junction Falls and Cataract Falls. This image below is of Junction Falls and the image above the page is of Federal falls. They were not overflowing with water, so I would love to return and get a few shots after a decent amount of rainfall.


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