Horse Rescue Photoshoot 2012

Hello everyone,

Thanks for stopping by, this post is from my October shoot for Horse Rescue Australia a non-profit organisation and registered charity. This is my 3rd time in 2 years I have been photographing these horses, this time I was going for something different, you could say more “arty”.

It was quite challenging, as I waited quite a while for the light to get better and better but at the same time it was vanishing in front of my eyes at rapid speed. You can not tell from the pictures bellow, but I was also surrounded by a mob of other horses, trying to sabotage my shots (hehehe). I love a good challenge! ;).

Because, theses horses went through a trauma at some stage in their life, most of them are shy and untrusting towards people, I like to just leave them alone or be gentle with them and not make them do anything they do not want to. Most of the time I just have to have a whole load  of patience in me and be ready to click the shutter when the right moment comes!

The main reason for coming to take some photos was to help raise money for an Open Day event HRA will be having on the 28th of October, celebrating 25 years! I will be printing some prints and products and they will be available to purchase for visitors on the day, of course all my profits will go to HRA. It will be a great day full of fun, so come and say “Hello” to me or come and meet the horses!

You will also be able to book my silver package photo session for your horse in return for a Donation to HRA (regular booking fee is normally $200).
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If you are interested in buying any of my photographs you can contact me via my contact page and I will send you my up to date price list.
BIG Thank you to Anne for being so nice and accommodating and another Big Thanks to my partner Steve for helping me out with the shoot!

Cheers All,  enjoy!