Creative Seascape

Cronulla Sunrise

I have seen people using all sorts of props in their seascape photography and I always wanted to try something similar. Quite recently I saw a photograph of a chair in the sea and I instantly remembered how much I wanted to replicate something like that. So I know it has been done before, but I just had to try it myself.

I did not want any sort of backdrop for this type of photo, so I decided to go to my local beach in South Sydney. I took one of the chairs from my dinning set and off I went. When I went down to the beach the sea was pretty rough, so my chair got knocked over a few times and nearly got swept away, but apart from the big swell I could not wish for better conditions. I pointed my camera into an open ocean and started to work my magic! 🙂

I was very happy with the sunrise, so colourful with the light changing very quickly opening up a lot of photo opportunities throughout the shoot.

Cronulla Sunrise

Pre-sunrise (about 20minutes before the sun came up) the sky and light were deep and colourful


Cronulla Sunrise

The sun started to light up the sky from underneath creating pinkness in the clouds


Cronulla Sunrise

This is a different technique by using a 10 stop filter and converting the image into monochrome

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