Sunrise at Coalcliff Rock Shelf

Coalcliff is only 30 minutes from my home, yet this was only my 3rd time of visiting. This is another beautiful photography, surfing and fishing spot the south coast of New South Wales has got to offer. It is laid back and surrounded by lucious rugged hills.

This was a really fun morning for me, the light was changing dramatically from 5.30am to 6.30 and I had to act fast. The clouds were looking very promising for a good colourful sunrise, but it just did not happen this time. Instead I got some interesting fast changing light and clouds which was pretty cool.

Coalcliff | Illawarra | NSW

Pre-sunrise | Mid-tide but it was retreating fast

Coalcliff | Illawarra | NSW

Sunrise | I was getting closer to the edge of the rock shelf

Coalcliff | Illawarra | NSW

Sunrise | A break through in the clouds created a beautiful shine on the rock in my foreground

Coalcliff | Illawarra | NSW

The sun is out and trying to brake through the clouds casting a warm light on the landscape

Hope you enjoyed my post