Storm over Kiama

Another trip to Kiama last weekend, I think this was my 3rd trip there to take photographs. The whole Kiama area has got so much to offer, I will not get bored of it that soon for sure. Infact the whole Illawarra region is pretty impressive, as you can see from my previous blogs, I like the shoot all around it.  🙂

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Exploring Kiama

So last time we came to Kiama we found this little “rest stop” by mistake when we missed our turning. So this time we went there again thinking we could find some hidden places around the area, we drove around a small country road, but all we found was a dead end, so we turned around and came back to the rest stop for a few photographs.  Just after we packed up here and started to drive back to Sydney once we though the sunset was over, 5 minutes into our drive the clouds opened and the most awesome pinks and purples lite the entire sky, spreading for miles and miles from the eastern to the western horizons. It took us 15 minutes of driving until we found a place we could stop and it was still as if there was some sort of magical explosion in the sky which we managed to take a few shots of before it disappeared into darkenss.

Speaking of darkness, a few minutes after we got back in the car we caught up with the storm and ended up driving 40 minutes with zero visibility in a torrential downpour. Every few seconds we were granted some visibility with each crack of lightening though.

Stormy Kiama Skies

Stormy Kiama Skies

Stormy Kiama Skies

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