Sunrise over Cathedral Rocks

Hey all

This morning I had a super early start,  I woke up up at 3am and went down the South Coast to  Kiama Downs to photograph the beautiful and distinctive volcanic rock formations called Cathedral Rocks. They are located at Kiama Downs just 3km from Kiama town center at the southern end of Jones Beach.
These unusual basalt rock formations, have been attracting photographers and artists since the1900s. And I really think this place is just so awesome to photograph.

If you are planning on coming here you should take a quick look at the tide chart as you wont be able to see and shoot the rocks very easly (if at all) with the tide high.
The waves are big and smash against the rocks with a great force so I would not risk it and  only come here at the low tide. The water level in my images is low and it was pretty easy to walk around and on top of the rocks without much worry ( little slippery like any wet rocks).
Also the only access to the Cathedral Rocks is from Jones Beach – 5 to 10 minutes of a beach walk from the car park.

Cathedral Rocks

Cathedral Rocks

Cathedral Rocks

Jones Beach

Me & Cathedral Rocks

Just Me :) I could quite hapilly come here next weekend 🙂 hmmm….So happy we are changing the clock tomorrow and the sunrise its going to be an hour later!