Kangaroo Valley Camping

So Steve and I just got back from an overnight camping trip in Kangaroo Valley. Located only 200km south of Sydney it is described by many as the most beautiful Valley in Australia.

As we were staying here only for a night we decided to try camping at the Bendeela picnic area situated on the banks of Kangaroo River. Its a free camping area with no artificial lighting so it was perfect for some star trail photography we wanted to try out.
As far as the camp site goes, its really great and I would imagine it gets pretty busy in the summer months. There are plenty of places to set your tent up or park your camper with toilets and cold drinking water available. But there are no showers or power available.
The township of Kangaroo Valley is very beautiful with a population of 300 people and has got a selection of country style shops including a supermarket, cafe, bakery, bottleshop, post office, petrol station etc.

My highlight was seeing all the little wombats running around the campsite nearly all day long, not just in the evening and morning. I really did not expect to see so many wombats around the area, I though we would be lucky to see one. I could get pretty close to a few of them, they were pretty relaxed and used to people. We also saw some kangaroo’s early in the morning, couple of little echidnas crossing the road and cheeky little kookaburras fly around.

Anyway here are some shots I took:

Sunset over the Valley

Welcome to WOMBATVILLE !

A Cute Wombat

A Cute Wombat

A Cute Wombat

A Cute Wombat

Milky Way Galaxy Photo Our tent lying underneath the blanket of millions of stars and the Milky Way

Thanks all, hope you enjoyed my blog
See you next time!