Sans Souci Sunset

I wanted to take some photos this weekend, but I did not manage to wake up either morning, the cold was just making me stay in bed.

I looked up a few locations on the flickr just a few hours before sunset and stumbled upon this lovely wharf at Sans Souci.

I begged Steve to come with me to see if we could take some sunset shots today, he eventually gave in and we left. We only had to drive 20 minutes to get to Sans Souci but 2 minutes after we left it started raining and I felt so guilty for making him go for what could have been quite easly grey sky and without any magic happening. Anyhow, as soon as we crossed the Captain Cook bridge we were welcomed by broken clouds and warm sun light covering the park we were headed for.

The sky really looked spectacular! I havent seen a sunset vibrant like this for months. I am a happy bunny right now =)

Here are couple of shots I took:

Sans Souci Wharf


Sans Souci Wharf

Information about location:

Sans Souci is a southern Sydney suburb in the state of NSW, Australia. Sans Souci sits on the western shore of Botany Bay.
Sans Souci is a French term meaning “without care”, in other terms, “no worries”.