Exploring Kiama

Even though the weather forecast wasnt the greatest for this weekend, I refused to sit at home in front of the Tv. So after a short browse through the map I asked Steve if he would want to go to Kiama with me. When he said yes we packed our bags and left around lunch time. It was still horrible and raining, the sky was as grey and unpleasant as it could be with rain and drizzle stopping and starting often. But after a few hours the clouds very slowly started to break untill the sky was blue again. We went to lots of places, mostly just looking were would be the best place for a sunrise for next time.

Kiama definately deserves the attention of anyone who likes to take pictures. Not lacking in beautiful locations to photograph, such as the Kiama lighthouse, the Cathedral Rocks, Bombo rocks, hilly grasslands, wineries, beaches, the blowhole and more.

Kiama Meadows I took this shot around 4pm, the sun was very low just about to hide behind the hills. It was casting a soft golden light over the Kiama meadows.

Bombo Rocks

Bombo Rocks at sunset

Cathedral Rocks Catherdral rocks – I Took this shot from a Bombo beach. I would like to come here again in time of a low tide so I could get closer to the rocks and get better composition.

More about Kiama:

Kiama is a township 120km south of Sydney in the Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia. This seaside town features several popular surfing beaches, caravan parks and numerous alfresco cafes and restaurants. It is the first country town south of Sydney and attracts a large number of day trippers.

Kiama Links:
Bombo Headland Kiama

5 quick tips on improving your photographs instantly: (for anyone)

1. Take pictures early morning or late afternoon (avoid the midday sun)
2. Avoid wonky horizon (keep your horizon straight)
3. Dont place your subject in the middle of your photo
4. Dont be scared to experiment (get down low, shoot different angles)
5. Exclude distracting objects (avoid distractions in your photos such as bins, lamp post, people’s hands, road signs etc., – keep it clean)

See you next time =)