May Lane Street Art

Recently i have heard about this art project called “May Lane” an outdoor galerry space located in St Peters, Sydneys innerwest. The project is an initiative set in place by Tugi Balog, who runs his business behind the gallery wall.

The exhibition space consists of five panels that are hung in window spaces along the side of a building in May Lane. Each month several artists are invited to use the entire space as their canvas, or to focus on the panels which are then kept each month as part of a larger documentation project.

Please note : some of these pictures are from a side street  next to the may lane and are not part of the project.

I couldnt really take my time and I felt like I had to rush through the street as the dark grey sky was on the verge of raining.  And  after maybe 20minutes i had to stop and run for the car, but luckily i got few nice shots i was pleased with. One thing bugs me a lot, wishing i would spend more time on the actual May Lane with all the art work and not run around like a mad girl… :D. Anyways, the first shot is an example of me not paying my full attention as the words  in the photo “We are all chemical reactions” are cut off.

Here are the photos:

Side street photos:

Cheers guys! *Peace*